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          The Association duty
          Enterprises from multiple departments, each department is essential, and are closely related, and we, as part of a member of the enterprise, department staff how to do this as to promote the development of enterprises, to make modest?
          Outsourcing of work, we must first understand that it's purpose is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, outlines several key responsibilities:
          First, the analysis and planning of material: timely and accurate count stocking and develop material requirement
          Planning, sales shipments meet requirements.
          Second, material requisitions: First, strict supplier selection Off, merit selection of good quality, and stresses credibility of suppliers, increase evaluation efforts, public bidding, the sun operation, operational oversight of the way, select a number of reliable quality , cost-effective brand, optimize the procurement of materials supply chain. Secondly, to keep abreast of market dynamics, to know ourselves, to collect relevant information supplier costs through understanding, so as to effectively reduce procurement costs.
          Third, the material with the reminder: suppliers to keep abreast of the production schedule, to meet production needs.
          Fourth, the stock control: develop safety stock, to assist the regular cleaning of sluggish materials warehouse, the material in a timely manner, in, refunding records.
          Fifth, the waste material of prevention, control and treatment: strict control of waste material recycling and reuse.
          Communication and assistance VI and departments: the right to pass information to meet the needs of each department.
             We spirit of "efficiency, improve quality, lower costs, reduce consumption, optimize workflow, optimize the work environment" concept, together, make departments maintain a healthy and prudent pace, constantly improve production efficiency, enterprise development to new heights !
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